Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Advice from Abroad

A friend sent me this the other day; it helped me because I'm on the lower part of the cycle, which makes me wonder if it's working:

We have to remember that reversing on Guaifenesin is exactly what it says: it's
reversing out of one's symptoms. For most of us, it was hard to accumulate those
symptoms through the depositing processes of Fibromyalgia and it can be hard to
get rid of those deposits through the clearing cycles of the protocol. This can
seem counter-intuitive for a treatment, as we expect treatment to control our
condition and make us feel better.

With the Guaifenesin protocol we are not clear until we are clear, until ALL
deposits are gone. Before this has happened, however long it takes, we can
expect some trouble from cycling. However, cycling takes place in many locations
throughout the system in the early days, with widespread difficulties. Later,
there will be fewer places to clear and trouble can become more localised so
that, overall, we have less difficulty to face on a day-to-day basis.

Sometimes it's better to look not at how one feels, as we may be in a difficult
cycle, but at what we can do. These days I have to refer to my symptom diaries
to see how incapacitated I was in the early days - I've simply forgotten. Some
of my symptoms are now history. We will always be Fibromyalgics (unless they
come up with a genetic 'patch' to put us right), but we don't have to have
fibromyalgic symptoms. Over these seven and a half years I have read millions of
words of people's accounts of their symptoms and their routes out of those
symptoms on Guai. Many people have now reversed out fully and don't have
Fibromyalgic symptoms. For some there may be some physical damage left;
osteoarthritis in advanced cases; for me I'm not sure that contracted
fibromyalgic tendons in my arms damaged by work will ever be perfect, but
everything else I expect to normalise when I am fully clear.

Claudia would be a good example. She is someone who has one or two non-fibro
related conditions, just as many of us do (not everything is Fibromyalgia),
which she has to cope with. She was a very slow responder and had to watch
others who were faster responders overtake her on the road to recovery.
Eventually she cleared fully and, quite simply, one couldn't tell that she's a
Fibromyalgic. She's a powerhouse of energy, manages family commitments, Dr St.
Amand's office along with Gloria, edits the newsletter, co-authors the books,
writes her own books, attends support groups and seminars, travels all over the

This is what we have waiting for us at the end but, as I say, we are not clear
until we are clear. The big difference on the protocol is that, each tablet we
take, we are getting one step closer whereas, before, we were always getting
worse. Our mitochondria are now gradually clearing. If we can exercise and keep
taking the Guai, then each new mitochondria we make will always be clear.

I sometimes think that, for each of us reversing, there is a finite amount of
suffering we have to go through to get clear. If we put off being on the
protocol, or take a rest from Guai, or get sloppy with products and block, then
that amount of suffering is still waiting for us when we get back on track. But
it IS FINITE. If we are not reversing on the protocol, then the amount of
suffering is INFINITE. That's the difference.

Regards, Peter W, 44, 1200mg LA + 400mg FA, Guai from Jan' 2002, HG Diet
UK-FMS-GUAI Admin Team

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