Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Couple of Things I've Learned Already

I met a new friend on Facebook named Nicole who has been on this protocol for 2 years and swears by it. She even does the hypoglycemia diet but doesn't have hg- she said the diet by itself can relieve symptoms a lot for people with fibro. I do have hypoglycemia but was considering doing the Zone instead of the full-on hypoglycemia diet, because it works similiarly as far as balancing blood sugar, but now I need to take a look at both and do some real comparisons. My family is doing "The Biggest Loser" starting on the 3rd, so I'll decide by then which way I am going to go, since I have more than one goal in mind.

I messed up already by using olive oil as lotion- duh, plant derivitive. I knew that, but got confused. The mint is what makes me the most sad. I love mint flavored things. But, I figure once I'm feeling well, one box of Jr. Mints every 6 months will be good enough, sigh. I was afraid that if I couldn't have mint, that I couldn't have anything with extract in it, but Nicole said that those were okay. There aren't supposed to be any food restrictions otherwise. It's all topical and "supplement" type restrictions. I had to get all new make-up, too, but that wasn't a big deal, besides the cost! The make-up at is very decently priced, but buying all new make-up at the same time is expensive.

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