Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Started

I think getting ready to start is harder than starting because I had to learn what products I cannot use anymore because they will block the guai from working. Understanding labels is hard enough, but with a foggy brain, it is nearly impossible. I went on fibropharmacy.com and ordered shampoo and a few other things I couldn't find in the store (avoiding plant oils and extracts is nearly impossible in some types of products). This made it easier than having to think. But, the site is also a good resource for finding out which products at the regular store are okay, so next time I can buy Ivory or Irish Spring soap (That last one surprised me, too).

The first week I took the beginning dose recommended in the book but didn't feel any different, so I upped the dosage and for the last two days I have been super achy, especially in my hands, which for whatever reason is where I always hurt the worst. I have also felt more fatigued and have been sleeping all morning. The right dose is supposed to be the one that makes the symptoms worsen significantly, so bingo! This is why I decided to start during the break; I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't want to wait to start the protocol during the semester. I hopefully only have one left, and fall was so bad for me, it's a miracle I made it. Spring brings significantly more responsibilities as I have an extra class and my MA exams, so I am really worried about having a clear head and a cooperating body.

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