Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forgive Me If, No, When I Repeat Myself

Brain fog, as it is called, sounds like a bunch of balogna, but it is real and really difficult. This week, I've had the attention span of 2-5 minutes at a time- things just fall out of my head after that. It's more like trying to see something through fog. Right now, I can kind of see my hand, but I'm not always sure what it is called. Anyway, I'm bound to repeat things I think I'm having as a new thought.

I'm starting to realize how many things were misdiagnosed. I thought I have had arthritis in my hands for years, but a blood test shows I don't; it's just where most of my pain likes to hang out- phospates or whatever. I have lower back pain a lot. I'm wondering if some of it is fibro. I was told once that scoliosis doesn't hurt, but my back always has. Not sure.

I've had a real Frankenstein week- just watch me walk. The stiffness has just been hard to relieve and I have pain in my knees, which is new. I'm glad I can laugh about it. I have a very good attitude about it- even though I list my complaints here, I'm doing it more for a record than for complaining. I am really worried, though, about how this last semester will go. My boss is giving me a 5 week distance ed class to teach instead of my regular class to help out, so I still fulfill my obligation to my assistantship but I can come to campus less. I don't know all the details, but I do know I don't start teaching until April 6th! I still have other obligations, but that will help a lot!

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