Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I Take Everyday- ooh, exciting

I thought It'd be a good idea to list what I'm taking and why. I'm not just on guai right now, and even though the guai is the only thing that I think can clear out the phosphates, there are some other things I'm taking that are helping as well. I hope to eventually only be taking the guai, but I know it'll take a while to get to that point. There are worse things, like not being able to get up in the morning.

-Guai, 600 mg- 2x/day... No doctor prescribed this; this is why I have this website.
-DHEA, 5 mg- 1x/am... Fibro doctor; natural steroid hormone to help me balance out. I'm about to go through menopause at 36 (grandmother did it at 29!). This is not a fibro symptom, and I can't remember if she was giving it to me for that or another reason. Hot flashes, by the way, do balance out my fibro-induced cold sensitivity nicely, I've found. lol.
-Gamma Grow- 2x/day... Fibro doctor; hormone that helps the body rely less on carbs. I suspect this helps the vast number of fibro people who have hypoglycemia.
-Pregnenolone, 100mg- 1x/pm... Fibro doctor; It helps the body produce hormones.
-Armour Thyroid, 90mg- 1x/am... Fibro doctor; I produce thyroid, but I don't absorb it right. This is trying to train my body to reabsorb it the correct way/path. I understand it but I don't want to write the dissertation it would take to explain it.
-Cortef, 2.5mg- 3x/day (or my version which ends up being 5mg/am, 2.5/pm)... Fibro doctor; treats endoctrine disorder and immunity issues.
-Cymbalta, 30mg- 1x/day... Primary doctor; for depression with pain. It does nothing for my pain whatsoever. Depression is another thing many fibro patients have, plus it runs in my family. I get in a dysthymic mood occasionally, but I'm way past my catatonic depression. I think if my life's trials would ease up, as I'm in a constant state of stress (think: meerkat), this would even go away- I don't want to go into that, but it's not perceived stress; it's just that I've had one big test from God for a long period and apparently I still haven't passed, so it just keeps going. I'm getting better at dealing with it with a good attitude though. I've been able to help so many others with depression, though, that it's hard to complain about what I've gone through myself. Rambling... sorry.
-Vitamin B Complex- 1x/am... Fibro doctor; most vile smell on the face of the planet; I gag just thinking about it like a big baby, but I take it anyway.
-Klonopin, .5mg- 1x/pm... Fibro doctor; this is one of my more interesting symptoms, and I didn't realize it was happening. Fibro patients (I keep wanting to say fibroids... not right) waver all night from REM proper sleep to full brain activity in the night, like as if we are awake. The result is we're always tired. It was one of the first clues that made me think my daughter has fibro- she is never rested in the morning. (I'm getting her blood tested next week- nip the symptoms now and save her a lot of trouble later). Klonopin is essentially an anti-anxiety but apparently helps keep me from the full brain activity at night. It doesn't feel powerful like Tylenol PM, but I can tell that it has made a difference. I got our primary to give it to Brooklyn as soon as I realized it was helping me.
Chromium Picolinate - 1x/am... No one told me to take this; it helps balance blood sugar, so I take it on my own. I do a great job balancing my food, but anything that will help avoid a crash is good. If you've ever watched Steel Magnolias- a crash feels exactly like the scene in the beauty parlor. I almost never get a food-induced crash anymore. Once in a while, I go too long, but I usually see it coming and get some protein in me in time. Stress is the one thing that catches me off guard and causes me to crash. I don't always see that coming. Brooklyn started having this now- I gave her every blessed bad gene I have- and I'm teaching her how to eat, how to listen to her body, and how to recognize when she's starting to or in the middle of a crash.
Tramadol- up to 2x/day... Excellent pain killer. Nothing else works for the kind of pain fibro causes (for me). It also helps me not walk like Frankenstein, but I don't think it is really a muscle relaxant. I know it's a controlled substance, because I got it filled when we were in Vegas, and they wouldn't let us transfer it back to FW-that was a pain. I usually need one when I first wake up before I get out of bed, but some days I don't need it at all. In the fall, I needed it constantly, and when I started the guai in December, it didn't even always help. I felt like I had vampire venom in my body and couldn't do anything about it (Twilight reference :) ).
Mobic- A lot, but only a couple days a month... Primary doctor; a fibro symptom I could do without is crippling menstrual cramps. Like, heavy duty drugs like Codeine and Darvocet won't even touch them. (vampire venom... it is a good analogy, really). I was relieved to find out this was a symptom, because my primary and gyno couldn't figure out why I had such bad pain. I'm not much of a wuss either, but it's like labor for two days every month. Anyway, I had a slipped disc in my neck from a car accident and was given mobic. It didn't really help my neck, sadly, but I found out by accident that it is awesome for my cramps- I have to overdose slightly to function- shhh!- but it is awesome. I went back to my primary and told him to write this down and tell all his women patients about it. He probably thinks I'm nuts, but I've been going to him for so long, it was inevitible.

So, it's a bit ridiculous all I'm taking, but it's helping, so whatever. And really, eventually I will be down to the guai and vitamins, so it's not masking the problem, it's improving it. I think I've gone on enough for one day, anyway.

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