Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleeping and the Toxic Headache

I cannot get over how much I have been sleeping. It is really annoying on one hand, but I'm infinitely grateful that I have the time off to do so, which is why I decided to start this experiment during the break to begin with. My favorite thing is my C-pillow that I bought once I was diagnosed. It makes an enormous difference in how I sleep. I am really not sure why, other than the fact that it prevents body parts from stretching too much in my sleep. As far as toxic headaches go, that is my own label for a headache that feels like there is poison in my brain as opposed to other types of headaches I've had. Tylenol and Excedrin don't seem to help- I just have to wait them out. The first time I had one was when I got an IV at the Fibro and Fatigue Center. They put something in it that helps get rid of toxins. Each time I got one, the next day, I had a whopper toxic headache, blech. I am hoping the fact that I've gotten one the last two days means the guai is trying to get rid of some junk in my system.

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