Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Now What?

So, I'm in a lot of pain and fatigued. I cleaned out my cabinets of all non-guai friendly products- there were a lot! It was kind of nice to get rid of so much junk. Anyway, I looked up this morning what to expect next. One thing it said was to map the tender points and lumps that go along with fibro. I forgot to do that. My fibro doctor did the 18 tender points check, but not a full mapping. I will have Darin do a map of either my whole body or at least my left thigh, which apparently is the number one place to check for problems. When there are phosphates present, there is calcium present, so excess of phosphates causes excess of calcium. Calcium causes the muscles to flex, so fibromyalgics are often in a constant state of flexion, which causes flu-like achiness all the time. Touching those muscles hurts! When my doctor did the tender points, she applied a bit of pressure to them; I almost jumped out of my skin on a few of them. Anyway, for whatever reason, the left thigh is always affected, and so mapping the changes on that thigh over time is the easiest way to see initial improvement. It can take a month before noticing a difference, though. Blech. One person in the What Your Doctor May Not... book said that the best thing to do is not worry about it, just live and try not to think too much about it but trust that if it worked for others, it will work for me, and that one day, I'll notice I'm improving. I'm trying to do that, but it's hard with school looming in a couple of weeks.

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